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Aviation Information

Business Aviation Networking Notes

The process of finding out about a job, getting interviewed, and eventually receiving an offer for employment starts with networking. By networking I don't mean sending hundreds of copies of your resume unsolicited to H.

Top Ten Secrets to Saving Big Money in the Airline Flights

Do you know that some people travel around the country and abroad, for both business and pleasure, and save bundles of money in the process?They do that by using little known ways of really taking advantage of the most popular form of transportation - airline flights.They don't rely on the ever-famous "airfare price-wars".

So You Want to Get Free Airline Tickets: Should You Choose a Reward or Cash Back Credit Card?

If you want to use a reward credit card for getting free airline tickets, you have a choice of choosing a dedicated airline credit card, a travel reward credit card or a cash back credit card. A dedicated airline credit credit card has hefty annual fees and may not be worth it if you are not a very frequent traveller or do not spend enough on your credit card.

Airline Security; Stewardesses The Last Line Of Defense!

Introduction:It might come as a chock to many people, including the Stewardesses, but the fact remains that in today's Airline Industry, the Stewardess is the last line of defense!In the 11th of September terrorist attacks, on the WTC and Pentagon, the first victims were the Stewardesses. Savagely attacked by the terrorist on their way to the cockpit's and tortured to pressure pilots, to comply with the terrorists demands.

Airlines, Price Wars, and Branding

Here are some thoughts on the study of the theory of price wars as they relate to the industries like the Airlines and others. Comments on an article in Harvard Business Review in March-April edition 2000.

Preventing Rapid Decompression In Commercial Airliners

In Flight Airline Rapid Decompression Breached Window (Airline Safety)Here is a concept worthy of mention about the issues concerning Airline International Terrorists and Guns in the Cockpit and of course Federal Air Marshals. If a gun goes off in a smaller airliner, 737 or 767 then a bullet could penetrate a window and breach the pressurization system.

General Aviation Manufacturing is in the Tank; Hang On It is Going to Get Worse

Change is a constant, Outsourcing Jobs, Capital flows, Emerging Markets are a given and this includes the Aviation Manufacturing Sector as we watch the current Migration pick up speed.It appears that the technological advantage that we have here in the United States is no longer going to sustain us without further advances.

Hypersonic or Ultrasonic Sound to Disrupt Laser Beam Attack on Commercial Airliners

In large buildings to prevent sound pollution often double paned glass is used with music or flowing air between the panes, this works very well and is sufficient to prevent the noise. Since many commercial airliners have double paned glass already if we are careful to watch the harmonics as to not cause structural problems to the aircraft (remember the Comet), then we propose hypersound or ultrasonic sound within the panes to prevent laser light from entering the cockpit and inhibiting or blinding the pilots.

Airline Fuel Costs Mount

The airlines are huge users of fuel. Fuel costs are higher than even the cost of the aircraft.

Find Cheap Tickets From all the Major Airlines

All of the major airlines are now associated with different web sites allowing for you to find discount airfare and cheap tickets on the internet. One of the reasons the airlines have done this is because so many people now have access to computers and the internet.

Entering Business Aviation, Part I: Types of Aircraft

The jets that people fly in corporate aviation are usually a lot smaller than those found with the airlines. Exceptions to the rule are Boeing's BBJ and Airbus' Corporate Jet, both of which are based on some of the smaller types of aircraft marketed to the airlines.

Entering Business Aviation, Part II: Pay Rates for Flight Attendants

Pay. You know that aviation pays better than commercial, in most cases a lot better, but you aren't sure what the going rate is for a corporate flight attendant.

Entering Business Aviation, Part III: Training Options

Time for some training! So, you are not sure what type of training you will need or how it compares to the commercial side of aviation. For starters, there are some very big differences.

Entering Business Aviation, Part IV: Crafting a Resume

Writing a rsum can be one of the most daunting parts of any job search. Quite frankly, it is one of the most important elements in helping you finding work.

Entering Business Aviation, Part V: Tips on Finding Work

I will not pretend that this is the easiest topic to write about. In fact, my knowledge of how one finds work as a private flight attendant is based chiefly on what others have shared with me.

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AOPA Pilot

Aviation wristband honors 'quiet giant' Alexander
AOPA Pilot
An aviation-inspired rubber wristband created by a student pilot honors Ron Alexander, a “quiet giant” of aviation, who died in a November 2016 aircraft accident near his beloved Peach State Aerodrome in Georgia. Alexander introduced Cayla McLeod to ...


Rwanda: Major aviation summit opens
Rwanda's Minister of Infrastructure, James Musoni while addressing participants said the forum will go a long way in addressing the existing challenges in aviation sector in Africa. It is the second edition of the forum but the first in an African soil ...
East Africa: Rwanda Targets to Be the Regional Aviation HubAllAfrica.com
African economies urged to form airline alliancesThe Herald

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Nigeria: Massive shake up in the aviation sector, 10 directors sacked, 3 appointed
The Nigeria aviation sector has witnessed a massive change as the government approved the sack of all the Directors in the regulatory agency, Nigerian Civil Authority (NCAA). No fewer than 10 Directors were unexpectedly sacked from their duty by the ...

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Gibraltar Chronicle

Gib 'dismisses' Spanish ambassador's aviation suggestions
Gibraltar Chronicle
In response Daniel D'Amato, legal officer with the Gibraltar Government in the Brussels office, told the publication that the problem stems from the Spanish government's “wrongful insistence” on excluding Gibraltar airport from the scope of EU aviation ...

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Aviation brass in dark over 'no-stamp' baggage move
Times of India
KOLKATA: A day after the security watchdog of the Indian aviation industry announced the decision to do away with stamps on cabin baggage with immediate effect at seven major airports in the country, including Kolkata, authorities here are still in the ...

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Aviation Week

Canada's MDA Buying DigitalGlobe
Aviation Week
In a major acquisition that seals its presence in the U.S., Canadian company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), a global communications and information provider, will buy Earth imagery and info provider DigitalGlobe of Westminster, Colorado, ...

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Nigeria: Govt Sacks All Directors in Civil Aviation Authority
The Federal Government on Friday announced the sack of all the directors in the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the Nation newspaper is reporting. The removal of the officials is with immediate effect, the paper said. The Minister of State ...
NCAA FG sacks all directors in Civil Aviation AuthorityPulse Nigeria
BREAKING: FG sacks all 9 directors in NCAANAIJ.COM

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Kansas City Star

Two victims of Olathe Austins shooting worked in aviation at Garmin
Kansas City Star
Two of the three victims of Wednesday's shooting at an Olathe bar, including the man who was killed, worked on aviation systems at Garmin Ltd. The company sent an email to employees on Thursday regarding the shooting: “As many of you may have heard, ...
Garmin Engineers Shot in Kansas, One DeadAviation International News
First-degree murder charge filed in possible hate crime shooting at Olathe's Austins barKansas City Star
Srinu's Family/Recovery Support by Kavipriya Muthuramalingam - GoFundMeGoFundMe

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Aviation Week

Boeing Trims 737/777 Supply Base
Aviation Week
LOS ANGELES—As the latest part of Boeing's top-to-bottom supply chain shakeup, the manufacturer is to bring production of 737 and 777 flap-actuation systems in house. The move, which follows recent supplier changes for other key items such as ...

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Press of Atlantic City

LoBiondo to hold aviation subcommittee hearing next week
Press of Atlantic City
WASHINGTON, DC – The Subcommittee on Aviation will hold a meeting next week to discuss a federal Aviation Administration reform and re-authorization bill later this year. The Subcommittee on Aviation is chaired by U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, ...

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